Six Random Things About Me (in English)

Susupetal wants me to burp out everyting about myself, but thank goodness in english! Well, actually she challenged me to describe six attributes about my nature, but I bet you that’s more than you’ve read so far during these two years of blogging 😛

  1. Excuse my language, but my language is American english with some Australian bush talk. I’m also fluent with Dutch english and I’m especially good translating Japanese english to the American language.
  2. I’m fast. Very fast. If you want to get things done, just call me. I’m also very good of doing nothing, absolutely nothing. One needs the balance in life.
  3. I was born in a wrong country. The warmer the weather gets, the more energy I get and the speed accelerates to unbearable measures for the others. Low pressure in the weather balances this one.
  4. I enjoy watching cross-country skiing from the tv. Especially enjoyable is the men’s fifty kilometers in classic style. I have postponed a board meeting of an association to an later hour because of an Olympic skiing event (the secretary screwed up the timing of the meeting…).
  5. I can talk hours without saying anything.
  6. I’ve bought only one recording of any kind of Finnish music in my life.

The rules of this meme obligates me to challenge some fellow bloggers. This time I’ll have to go with my wonderful Sunday Classic players. You know who you are!


3 comments on “Six Random Things About Me (in English)

  1. Pari suomenkielistÀ sanaa suotakoon kommenttiin. YmmÀrrÀn, mutta en jaksa alkaa muistella sanoja, jotta itse kirjoittaisin, siis englantia.
    HyvÀ kun on nopea, silloin voikin lopun aikaa olla vaan tai katsoa hiihtoa. MinÀkin katson hiihtoa mieluummin kuin jÀÀkiekkoa, jossa sÀhlÀtÀÀn vaan.
    HyvÀÀ talvipÀivÀn jatkoa!

  2. I won’t excuse your English. Is American English at all 🙂

    I’m also fast, and I long for heat. 50 km’s skiing works like meditation. I usually talk nonsense.

    I’ve bought several Finnish records.

    Huh, we’re not the same person!

  3. Uuna,
    No tĂ€mĂ€ kielikysymys oli Susupetalin keksintöÀ. YrittÀÀ tehdĂ€ musta englantilaista kaunotarta, mutta minkĂ€s mĂ€ sille voin ettĂ€ olen vain tĂ€llainen etelĂ€valtiolainen donna 😉 JÀÀkiekko on jÀÀnyt katsottavien listalta jo aikaa sitten, tosin siihen on syynĂ€ se ettĂ€ jĂ€nnitĂ€n niin paljon etten pysty katsomaan sitĂ€ hermostumatta 😉

    I can never forgive you for not forgiving me in the accent matter 😉 Any way it pretty much looks like you are me and I’m you! Thank goodness the music saves us 😀

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