Missä viivat kohtaavat?

Dreaming of a point at which parallel lines converge – Haaveilua saman suuntaisten viivojen lähentymisestä


Berliinissä vietetään tänä iltana kahdentoista nuoren taiteilijaopiskelijan taidetapahtuman avajaisia. Varsinainen happeninki on 17-20.6.2010.








What do security cameras, wild flowers and Dr Caligari have in common? What is the point of intersection between a mirror that talks to you, and a woman who interviews herself? Is there a story in which Snow White and Sisyphus might finally meet? Why do twelve artists from as far away as Sao Paulo, Belgrade or even Ellezelles decide to meet in Brussels? And what happens when they get their wires crossed?
These are some of the questions raised – and possibly answered – in the exhibition Dreaming of a point at which parallel lines converge. At a time when the boundaries between artistic genres and media are in flux, yet political and cultural frontiers are ever more rigidly asserted, the students in the Transmedia master-after-masters programme at Sint Lukas Hogeschool have come together for this exhibition at the Centre Culturel, Forest, at BRASS, to assert their belief in an artistic practice that defies categories, undermines hierarchies, and refuses barriers to communication.
Tapping into the passions and doubts which define our time, their work is sometimes utopian, yet always critical. Drawing on a range of traditions and practices, from Disney cartoons to contemporary video art, and from virtual reality to organic gardening, they invite the public to share their investigations into the multiple world(s) we live in, and to try out new paths through the maze of experience.
Parallel lines don’t converge that often: which is what makes their meeting in Brussels this summer something of a special event.

Photo and Link by Dreaming of a point at which parallel lines converge

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Tämähän on kuin oma taidenäyttely.

Mukava nähdä mitä tuleman pitää, löytyykö se piste…

11 comments on “Missä viivat kohtaavat?

  1. Pointti on viivat ja kamalasti ulkomaankieltä, jota en ymmärrä 😉 En ymmärrä myöskään mitä on se skriplaus ? 😦

  2. Joskus tekis ihan hyvää olla menemättä niin suoraan pisteestä pisteeseen, curved linesitkin voi olla samansuuntaisia – ja siksakit, niillä tulis kohtaamisiakin. Kunhan höpötän, oikeesti, hetken jo luulin että olet lentämässä jonnekin…siksakkia Berliinin kautta Brysseliin.

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