Social distancing – Day 119

Päivän ihasus! Karvinen on kingi!

This scene made my day! Garfield is the king!


– Karvinen \ Garfield

Ps. Tiesitkö muuten että maailmassa on ainoastaan kolme maata joissa Garfield on jotain muuta; Suomi, Ruotsi ja Tanska.

Did you know that there is only three countries that Garfield’s name is not Garfield; Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

9 comments on “Social distancing – Day 119

  1. Oli pentuna tuollainenn iso karvinen , mutsi toi sen ulkomaanreissulta, laittoi sille huivin päähän ja toi sen lentokoneen matkustamoon=) Mutsilla oli hyvä pokka, ja mä sain Karvisen!!

    • I suppose it’s a ‘standard procedure’… For example, Donald Duck is Aku Ankka. Probably nowadays that’s not so common anymore as they want to save money on reusing promotional materials, toys, etc. without translating the names.

      But at least we don’t have that silly practise to dub English and other languages in movies and tv to Finnish, but read the subtitles and hear the right person talking. 😊

    • Peter, As Timo explains it’s a standard procedure here. We used to translate all the names of the comics: Phantom = Mustanaamio, Superman = Teräsmies, Peanuts = Tenavat, Woodstock = Kaustinen and so it goes. Karvinen means very hairy!

      We also translate movie’s names and there are loads of songs that have been translated to Finnish.

      • Thank you for the explanation! Interesting. Over here in the Netherlands we don’t do that all of the time, but, thinking about it, sometimes we do. The comic Tintin we name Kuifje. And Gaston Lagaffe we call Guust Flater. Hmm, maybe we do translate French names but not the English ones. I will have to think about this a bit more. 🙂 Thanks again!

        • This situation crfeates sometimes funny things like Led zeppalin’s Song remain the same was translated Laulu jää pystyyn! which means song will stay stand! also one radiohost translated You could be mine as voisit olla kaivokseni, mine as a coalmine=) But i like most Woodstock translation as Kaustinen, one is a hippiefestival, another one is folksong festival;D

        • These days more of the population speaks english and itk s kind of taking over. Ifind it really silly when they use english words sounding finnish.

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