Joulukaruselli – Christmas Carousel – 4

Jouluaaton kunniaksi soitetaan kaikkien aikojen suosikki joululauluista. Karita Mattilan esittämä ‘Sylvian joululaulu’. Versioita on monia, hyviä ja hyviä, mutta tässä se osataan.

To the honor of Christmas Eve we shall listen to my all the time favourite Christmas song. ‘The Nightingale’s Christmas’ was a Finnish poem written in Swedish by our national poet Zacharias Topelius at 1853 and Carl Colland composed it. The Finnish translation was made at 1918 by Elina Vaara and Martti Korpilahti. This is the most loved Christmas song in Finland ever. There are quite a few versions made over the years and every year some one is making their version of it, some are good and some are. My favourite is by a Finnish soprano, Karita Mattila. The song is about a Blackcap bird staying in Italy over winter and being homesick to Finland.

– Sylvian joululaulu / The Nightingale’s Christmas –

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